Did you know that there is an extensive range of beers you can actually choose from aside from the staples you have for your college parties like Pabst Blue Ribbon and Natural Light? This is actually true. If you happen to be on the verge about liking beer that is probably because of the fact that you have been gulping the wrong brand. Below are some types of tasty and must-try beers. This list can help you change your mind about beers, we guarantee you:

Corona with a lime

If you get a Corona you should give it a try with lime to achieve that refreshingly light and perfect beer. At only 5 carbs and 100 calories every Corona Light, this beer will be your new go-to summer drink. This does not also cost much since you can buy nearly $10 every 6-pack, making it budget-friendly for those who want to get a flavorful yet budget-wise beer.

Abita Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a lager that has its tartly sweet taste and distinct fruity smell since it is brewed with actual raspberries. Drinking from this beer does not only offer the fun purple color it has. A lot of people actually change their dessert for this Abita favorite with 128 calories.

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

This beer has a natural lemonade flavor, which is known to be a light and crisp beer. Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy is the ideal beer for those who want to get over from the extremely sugary Mike’s Hard. You need to guarantee to go out of your home and have some of it stocked in your home as this summer staple is still available in the San Diego one-stop-shop liquor store.

Bud light lime

This beer can make any particular beer drinker fall in love with it due to the bud light lime’s superior drinkability, especially if it’s accompanied with 100 percent natural lime flavor. If you are still new to drinking beer, you should know some tips and facts about beer first and find out what suits you best.

Shock Top

A Shock Top is Belgian-style that’s spiced and brewed using actual lemon, lime peels, and real orange for a citrusy and smooth finish. Also, this chill beer could transform any non-beer drinker into one and it provides popular lemon shandy and grapefruit flavors for those who are picky drinkers.

Blue Moon

Blue moon is a Belgian White beer that’s brewed with Valencia orange peels to provide it a renowned subtle sweetness signature. This beer contains 170 calories that has a slightly spicy, tangy, and crisp taste. Blue moon is definitely perfect to be paired with some light fish tacos during the summer time.

Abita Strawberry Lager

Abita Strawberry Lager utilizes legit Louisiana strawberry juice that’s mixed after it has been filtrated. This provides its amazing strawberry smell and flavor. This is the ideal beer for those who hate the taste of beers. This can be perfectly paired with your strawberry shortcake this summer.