Have you just started to drink wine for some time even if you’re still not sure what you prefer and do not prefer? There a lot of ways to widen your palate and know which wines you prefer the most that appeal to you. Below are some of the tips from the wine connoisseur to assist you with that concern:

Take wine classes

You can search for wine classes within your place that are for beginner levels. These courses might be provided at a winery or even in wine stores near you. Take with you a friend or a relative and schedule that class for one night. You won’t just be learning about various types of wines, you will also know more about the greatest means of tasting wines and which food will best suit them if paired.

Purchase a wine book

Go to a book store within your area and buy a book that covers the entire varieties of wine types. Search for a book that contains information about which wines are best paired with which foods. After learning that knowledge and as you purchase wine to taste by yourself, you will be sure about what to wine and food combination to order. In this manner, you’ll be tasting every wine at its best and you’ll really be aware whether you will like it or not.

Order wine with the help of your friend who’s knowledgeable about wines

If you’ve got any friends who are more knowledgeable about drinking wine than you do, go grab that opportunity and ask for their help so that you can learn more about wines. Ask these friends to go with you to wine bars or visit an online liquor store and allow them to order for you. Once you’ve already tasted different types of wines and have determined at least one type of wine that appealed to your palate, let your friends know that you’re interested in that wine and ask for some details about it. Then, he/she can suggest other types of wines that are the same or that you might prefer basing on that wine that you liked. Or you can attempt to sip some of the wine that your friends are having so you will not risk ordering a glass that you do not actually like.

Attend Wine Tastings

One of the difficulties of learning more regarding wine is that there are possibilities when you purchase a bottle only to figure out that you do not like it. A greater means of tasting several wines simultaneously without actually needing to invest in purchasing entire bottles of them would be to attend to events such as wine tasting. Usually, such events are held at some wine stores and individual wineries. During such an event, you’ll be able to taste all kinds of wines, from Merlot to Chardonnay, to a Caymus wine. As soon as you have tasted something you like, you could try tasting more wines that have the same profiles to hone in your tastes even more.